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Who is Newscom?

That's a great question. Newscom began as a provider of photos to the newspaper business and has grown to become the largest multi-agency content provider in the world. Said simply, we're the fastest and easiest place to find pictures, video, and just about anything you need.

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Here's how it works: Newscom has partnered with more than 150 of the world's top photographers and photo agencies - people you've heard of like Reuters, AFP, Splash News, Zuma and McClatchy Tribune. Every day these providers deliver more than 40,000 images, videos, graphics, illustrations, cartoons, text stories, ready-made newspaper pages, logos (shall we keep going?), stock collections, travel images, and feature packages to our collection - whew! Best of all, because we combined all of these great providers into a single location you don't have to search across multiple sites. Just one search and you're ready to download and purchase the perfect content and we've taken care of all of the licensing, rights and pricing so you don't have to worry. We like to call it a "single search solution", but you can just call it the fastest and easiest way to make a tight deadline.

Did someone say "free research"?

Not only are we the biggest and easiest image provider, but we are also the nicest. We recognize that just as publishers are being forced to do more with less, the other image providers are cutting back on customer service and raising prices. Not at Newscom. There are no expensive subscriptions, pay for only what you use. As if that is not enough, we are even willing to join your team - for free. Just send us a research request and we will get right on it and send you back just the content that you want. Think of it as us looking through the haystack and bringing you back the proverbial needle.

Big, easy, and nice.

Whether its breadth and depth of content, speed and ease of use, or just that you're tired of working with image providers that treat you as number instead of the reason they are in business, Newscom is the right solution for a new digital marketplace. Click here to get started and you could qualify for a free trial. Just another way of letting you know we remember who we work for.

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